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Hiring a Google Adwords Expert is one of the best ways to get your pay per click advertising running smoothly

How to Conduct a Background Check on a Google Adwords Expert

Hiring a Emerite Expert is one of the best ways to get your pay per click advertising running smoothly. Such professionals are capable of handling keyword research, brand details, market segment targeting and more. Here are some things to consider before hiring a Google Adwords expert:

Google Adwords Experts
Google Adwords Experts

Cost of Hiring a Google Adwords Expert

Hiring a Google Adwords specialist can be expensive. These experts can charge per project or campaign. The per project approach is appropriate for certain campaigns, and it may limit the number of ad groups and ads. The hourly rate is usually around USD 75 per hour. The cost of hiring a Google Adwords expert depends on the experience of the specialist and the company’s needs. Some of these experts charge higher rates than others.

Read reviews to know the reputation of each expert. It is easier to trust a review than a personal recommendation, but be wary of people who aren’t too positive. Check previous projects and testimonials from clients.

Experience Google Adwords

Becoming a Google Adwords expert is no small feat. It requires two years or more of experience in SEM, a solid understanding of different online marketing methods, and a knack for analyzing data. But while being an AdWords expert is not easy, it’s certainly achievable. With some knowledge, you can be on your way to earning a great living as an AdWords specialist in no time.

First and foremost, look for experience with your industry or a closely related sector. If you have a service business, for example, you want to hire a Google Adwords expert with experience with local advertising.

Background Google Adwords

Before you hire a Google Adwords expert, you need to make sure that they can answer these questions: What is their expertise? How well do they understand how to create custom reports and keywords? And can they apply them correctly? The answers to these questions will help you determine the credibility of the person. Read on to learn more about how to conduct a background check on a expert. Here are some tips for hiring a qualified one:

Pinkerton Investigative Services and Evident are two background check providers. Although Google provides background checks for free, you should consider hiring someone else.

What Our Students Have to Say

Gives me an opportunity to broadcast and market my clients to their target consumers they wouldnt otherwise be able to.
Kelvin Black
From Canada
Google ads lets us fine tune the parameters in the campaign to an unbelievable degree. This has allowed us to target a hyper niche audience.
Zasha Swan
From Canada
Google Ads campaigns are the foundation in the world of digital marketing. And it doesn't really matter if you want to or not.
Frank Jones
From Canada
Google Ads provides a huge opportunity to reach both new customers, to re-reach as part of a remarketing strategy.
Jack Brownn
From Canada

Requirements to Renew Certification

If you’re a Google Adwords Expert, you might be wondering what the requirements are for renewing your certification. If you’ve been certified for at least one year, you may have noticed that the program has undergone a few changes over the years. Formerly, it was a stand-alone program and cost money to renew, but in 2018 it was moved to Google Academy for Ads. This course, which is now called Skillshop, still includes training content.

Keeping up with the latest developments in the AdWords department is essential for a certified Google AdWords expert. To keep your certification up-to-date, you should pass two AdWords exams every two years. You may also wish to publish a copy of your certification on your website and in your LinkedIn profile. This way, people can see that you have extensive knowledge of digital marketing.